Improving the movie theater experience means understanding what motivates moviegoers. Along with convenience, comfort, and pricing, food is a significant determining factor. It can influence whether a customer’s experience is positive or negative. So make your cinema/media space Gold Class, not NO class by adding the few hacks listed below to your media or home theater space.


    It is indeed exciting to have a theater in your own house. It gives you the feeling of being in a movie house without the need to travel far since it is already in your premises. But aside from a theater, wouldn’t it be more fun to have a home bar and theater in one? Well, that would be totally awesome for sure! You will be able to watch movies while sipping your favorite wine. That would be pure relaxation and entertainment in one!


    Going to the movies is always more than just going to a theater and seeing your favorite actors or actresses on the big screen. It is about a shared experience with friends and family; one of the ways that you add to the experience is visiting the concession stand. The great thing there is you can get popcorn, candy, even a refreshing drink prior to entering the theater. How does this work for the home theater? Very simple – you can use home theater concession stands to achieve the same effect.

    The key for creating an atmosphere that your friends and family feel like they are in a movie theater is making the experience authentic. When you have the food and drinks available for people that they would enjoy at the movie theater, this is a great finishing touch to entertaining your guests. Home theater concession stands allow you to bring this idea to fruition with a flourish. If you have a guest that loves candy, what is better than having them pick their favorite candy at your movie theater concession stands? Likewise, for people who love popcorn, how cool is it to get their popcorn from theater concession stands? It adds a great amount of authenticity to the movie, television show, or sporting event that you are hosting.

    There is a wide variety of home theater concession stands available for you. Whether it is a small candy box that locks or a hardwood finished concession stand with your guests’ favorite treats, you can wow all the people you are entertaining with these options. For the stand alone theater concession stands, it is very easy to stock the stands and then leave them locked when you are not 

    around. Because of their size, they are also easy to store if they are taking up space. The hardwood finished movie theater concession stands are a little larger, but they too can be stored when needed. Because they are hardwood they are the perfect place to set up your popcorn machine. The storage space in these particular home theater concession stands is perfect for entertaining, so you can go to the store ahead of time and get a wide variety of candy and even bottled drinks if you have a mini-fridge nearby.

     Home theater concession stands are a great way to add credibility to your home theater experience. Your friends and family will absolutely love them and the thoughtfulness that goes into stocking them with candy, popcorn, and drinks. You can really enhance the movie experience and create an even greater feeling of the “going to the movies” experience. When you work to create this type of atmosphere, what invariably happens is that your guests have a great time and your events become must-attends. But, the real value with having home theater concession stands is you get to showcase your thoughtfulness for your friends and family.


    Extra-large TV’s and extra loud sound systems – How about some Extra Large, Extra comfy, Extra Cool furniture to compliment your cinema, lounge, or media space! It’s important to the team at Trada Theater Equip that you watch a movie with your partner, family, or even by yourself in true comfort. Foam-filled bean bag range allows you, your friends and your family to sit back and relax in the comfiest and coolest piece of furniture on the planet, without compromising on style, and even more importantly, without breaking the bank! 

    The reason why bean bags are so popular? They are fun, different, comfy, and they just work. To put it simply, no piece of furniture on the market, compliments a cinema/media space than bean bags. This shredded foam filling, sits its users at the perfect level, with perfect support for the entire body, including the neck. The foam filling distributes around the users body evenly, meaning that you won't be shifting your weight every 15 minutes as your bum gets sore! Bean bags are soft and warm – making them perfect to cuddle into, and the foam filling ensures that your bean bags will be noise free -No annoying crunching beans every time you move in the slightest!

    Filling a space with bean bags will allow you to change the space around – depending on how and by who it is being used. Do you want to open up a bit of space for the kids to bring their blankets in and relax? Are you and your friends having a movie night and after a more traditional lay out? Turning your cinema/media space into a gaming arena and needing a space where the gamers are up the front, with the crowd sitting behind. Anything is possible with bean bags.


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