Take your entertainment to the next level with our handy tips on upgrading your home theater. From small budgets to big-ticket enhancements, we've got a tip or two for you!

    Making Your Home Theater Better

    It doesn't matter if you're starting from scratch, looking to give your living room a boost or already have the best gear on the market, there's usually always something you can do to improve the quality of your viewing experience, make life easier, or protect your investment. Our 4 Tips run the spectrum from zero-cost tweaks through to expensive new purchases. All of them are designed to give you the best bang for your buck and make a noticeable difference the next time you kick back for some quality home entertainment.

    Vision Upgrades

    What we see makes up a huge part of our viewing experience, so it's only natural to always sort out new ways to improving the picture of your home entertainment.

    Tip #1: Upgrade your TV

    The price of a high quality flat-panel has dropped sharply, even for newer technologies like OLED. While it is now possible to spend big dollars on 8K screens, it's absolutely more effective to aim for better display technology instead. A 4K OLED with HDR support is going to give you a huge wow factor right now, with 4K content available both on disc and through streaming services and the internet. 8K content is nowhere to be seen, and you'd need to get a screen over 100-inches in size to notice any benefit over 4K!

    Tip #2: Consider a Projector

    I honestly can't think of any benefits that s swanky new TV surpassed a good projector with, projectors is the way of the future, they will always have a place in the modern home theater and if size is your primary goal. Nothing gets a bigger picture on the wall for the same money, so they're a perfect fit if you have a dedicated home cinema room with low ambient light. If you're considering a projector, don't forget about the rest of your AV equipment and how you'll control it. Longer cables and/or IR repeaters should be on your shopping list, too.

    Tip #3: Mount your Display

    Investing in a wall mount does several things to improve your home theater. Better viewing angles offer a more relaxed posture on your couch and help eliminate glare from lights or windows, and getting them off furniture can free up room for other devices (or ornaments). You can hang both TVs and Projectors on walls or from ceilings. You can get corner mounts and extending swivel-tilt models that offer perfect placement or even frequent adjustment. It also looks incredible, and brings up the style of any room.

    Tip #4: Calibrate Your Display

    Calibrating your TV or Projector costs nothing but a little time, and can drastically improve your viewing experience. Out of the box, most brands are set to showroom mode or 'torch' mode. This mode looks great in store and as humans we equate brighter pictures with better pictures (and louder sound with better sound).

    Modern televisions have a wide variety of presets for you to flip through. Put on your most-watched type of content (movies and series differ from sports and reality shows) and move through each setting until you get a good balance on black levels and color accuracy - skin tones are a good thing to get right. Also, try turning off frame-interpolation (also known as motion-smoothing, TruMotion, Auto Motion Plus, Intelligent Frame Creation and AquoMotion to name a few!) as this is often enabled by default and most people don't like the soap-opera effect it creates.

    So those are the few tips we have for you for now and we hope you find benefits in them in any one or two way to upgrade you home movies viewing experience.

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